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 Recent News

KCC Software USA

BioAXS has choosen KCC Software as representative partner for BioAXS in the United States. Both organizations are working together to finalize a Pre-Bid process to secure a contract in Litigation Management System for a Florida Based Insurance Firm.

IPS Australia

Integrated Project Solutions (IPS) is a leading independent Australian Project, Construction Design and Fabrication Manager.
The company provides project, construction and design management services to the mining, mineral processing, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, government and industrial sectors.

IPS has chosen BioAXS to shift their all projects to Microsoft SharePoint 2010...

Punjab Prisons

BioAXS was asked to deliver a Finger Print recognition system for staff and prisoners for the Prisons in Punjab. A comprehensive solution is installed at IG office Lahore and is being tested at Sahiwal Central Jail.

Tandoor Recognition System

In collaboration with Punjab Government, BioAXS has developed a Finger Print solution for recognition of Tandoor Owners buying flour from Flour Mills in Punjab at a subsidized price.


BioAXS has installed a Finger Print recognition door control system at AutoSoft. The specialist of the system is having Finger Print recognition at both ENTRY and EXIT points.


SIMCO The leading Scandinavian Car-Electronics has chosen BioAXScard Finger Print online login solution as well as adapting our security technology, controlling sensitive information for Police, Insurance and the Scandinavian Customs…

Computing Services & Security S.A's Appointment

Computing Services & Security S.A (CSS) is a Swiss company with a wide dealer network in Switzerland and France CSS has over 15 years of solution integration experience working with Siemens.

CSS is also privileged to represent IBM, HP, Microsoft, RSA, Citrix and DigitalPersona in both countries.

BioAXS has appointed CSS to look after countries of Switzerland and France exclusively for its solutions/products.

ID SCAN Belgium

BioAXS is pleased to announce appointment of IDSCAN Belgium’s appointment as an exclusive reseller in country of Belgium.

IDSCAN has started training and learning implementation techniques of BioAXS Solutions in different segments of market.

BOI Thailand

BioAXS has been approved by Board of Investment Thailand to operate its Software Development business free of TAX and carry out duty free import/export for 8 years.

BOI Thailand advised, it’s willing to support Software Engineers from Pakistan and India to come and work closely along with Thai Engineers to fill the Gap of Software Development Thailand is facing today.

Tools & Technologies

Designing Expertise

  • Enterprise level design
  • UML, Rational Rose, ERWIN
  • Heavy use of Design Patterns (GoF)

Development Paradigms:

  • Distributed Computing
  • Client-Server Computing
  • n-tier Computing

Tools and Technologies (OO):

  • C#/Visual C++/Java
  • J2EE (EJBs, JNDI, JMS)

Tools and Technologies (Web):

  • J2EE (JSP, Servelets)
  • Javascript/HTML/XHTML
  • XML/XSL/Schema

Tools and Technologies (Databases):

  • Oracle Enterprise Edition
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle Advanced Replication Tool
  • MySQL

Development Environment:

  • Visual Studio
  • Weblogic Application Server
  • Apache Server
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver

Tools and Technologies (Testing):

  • Mercury Load Runner
  • Mercury Win Runner
  • Mercury Test Director

Tools and Technologies (CM):

  • VSS
  • PVCS Version Manager
  • PVCS Tracker
  • PVCS interface with Test Director and DOORS

BioAXSis working on different technologies in conjunction with different technology providers, Universities and Research & Development Centers

Main technologies include:


§          Finger Print Smart Card


Finger Print smart cards provide a complete on card Finger Print storage and identification mechanism, thus making the Finger Print authentication more secure and less vulnerable to Finger Print thefts as in case of template transfer. Finger Print Smart Cards offer the following features:


·          Application data

·          Finger Print image capture

·          Template extraction algorithm

·          Template storage for future matching

·          Matching algorithm


All to be done on same smart card…

§          Finger Prints


Finger Prints are unique property of any human being and can be used to identify who is who. It can help industries in many ways, in form of Recognition and Access Control solutions.


§          Face Recognition


Face of every person is also unique. And using right algorithms better results can be achieved in terms of recognition and Access Control Solutions.


§          RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders.


§          RFIID (Radio Frequency Intelligent Identification)


RFIID is an enhancement of RFID, in terms of direction of communication and controlling distances. RFIID is offering a lot more flexibilities as compared to traditional RFID systems.