Finger Print Door Access Control System
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KCC Software USA

BioAXS has choosen KCC Software as representative partner for BioAXS in the United States. Both organizations are working together to finalize a Pre-Bid process to secure a contract in Litigation Management System for a Florida Based Insurance Firm.

IPS Australia

Integrated Project Solutions (IPS) is a leading independent Australian Project, Construction Design and Fabrication Manager.
The company provides project, construction and design management services to the mining, mineral processing, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, government and industrial sectors.

IPS has chosen BioAXS to shift their all projects to Microsoft SharePoint 2010...

Punjab Prisons

BioAXS was asked to deliver a Finger Print recognition system for staff and prisoners for the Prisons in Punjab. A comprehensive solution is installed at IG office Lahore and is being tested at Sahiwal Central Jail.

Tandoor Recognition System

In collaboration with Punjab Government, BioAXS has developed a Finger Print solution for recognition of Tandoor Owners buying flour from Flour Mills in Punjab at a subsidized price.


BioAXS has installed a Finger Print recognition door control system at AutoSoft. The specialist of the system is having Finger Print recognition at both ENTRY and EXIT points.


SIMCO The leading Scandinavian Car-Electronics has chosen BioAXScard Finger Print online login solution as well as adapting our security technology, controlling sensitive information for Police, Insurance and the Scandinavian Customs…

Computing Services & Security S.A's Appointment

Computing Services & Security S.A (CSS) is a Swiss company with a wide dealer network in Switzerland and France CSS has over 15 years of solution integration experience working with Siemens.

CSS is also privileged to represent IBM, HP, Microsoft, RSA, Citrix and DigitalPersona in both countries.

BioAXS has appointed CSS to look after countries of Switzerland and France exclusively for its solutions/products.

ID SCAN Belgium

BioAXS is pleased to announce appointment of IDSCAN Belgium’s appointment as an exclusive reseller in country of Belgium.

IDSCAN has started training and learning implementation techniques of BioAXS Solutions in different segments of market.

BOI Thailand

BioAXS has been approved by Board of Investment Thailand to operate its Software Development business free of TAX and carry out duty free import/export for 8 years.

BOI Thailand advised, it’s willing to support Software Engineers from Pakistan and India to come and work closely along with Thai Engineers to fill the Gap of Software Development Thailand is facing today.

Finger Print Door Access Control System

  BioAXS Finger Print Door Access Control System:

 The System consists of the following components:

  • BioAXS Software Solution
  • An Electric Lock.
  • Digital Persona’s embedded Device V1003
  • A BioAXS recommended PC which may be connected to the Finger Print device when needed to download/upload data.

BioAXS provides a software solution to process IN / OUT times from Finger Print device in form of Reports acceptable and usable by any organization as per their needs. This solution is based on Digital Persona’s embedded Device V1003. It’s suitable for all sorts of businesses. Each Device works as an intelligent device and can store, process data on its own.


BioAXS software can also be used to register employees using a normal Digital Persona URU 4000 B reader and upload data to the Embedded Device.

Main features of Finger Print Device are as below:


Easily manageable Door Control System with use of digital persona Finger Print sensor

Multiple Authentications:                        Finger Print , Password

Finger Prints capacity:                             600/1000/1500

Transaction Storage capacity:                30K/50K

Identification Time:                                 less than 2 seconds

FRR:                                                        Less than and equal to 0.1%

FAR:                                                        Less than and Equal to 0.0001%

Communication:                                       RS232, TCP/IP or RS485

Power:                                                     12V DC, Idle current 50mA, working current 400mA

Operational Temperature:                                      0 to 45 Degree Centigrade

Operational Humidity:                             20% to 80%



Software Features:


1.       Solution requires a customer provided, our recommended, computer connected to Ethernet Device (Embedded Microcontroller) via LAN

2.       Software provides easy interfaces to communicate with the Ethernet Device to upload / download data

3.       One premises installation

4.       Number of Authentications – Number of authentications allowed per licensed installation depends on the hardware capacity but BioAXS Software allows companies to download all the data to a Networked PC.

5.       Logins – Administrator for full access. Access can be on Username/Password or on Finger Prints or without any authentication

6.       Company information – Name and address

7.       Department Name information.

8.       Employee Creation – Data entry of employee through manual process – Inputs are restricted to Name, Employee ID and Department

9.       Employee Finger Print registration – option of all 10 fingers with minimum 1 fingers registration.

10.    Employee De-activation – De-activating an employee for restricting Finger Print attendance (administrator mode only)

11.    Manual input of attendance – Entering manual attendance of both incoming and outgoing time

12.    Real Time Reports in Crystal Reports, MS Word, Text, Excel or Word Pad formats.

13.    Time Attendance Software only, with output in Microsoft SQL, My SQL Table Format

14.    Output of authentication data on a computer Monitor

15.    Database schema will be locked and only authenticated data table will be provided to the client.